Optometry Friends

The Halifax Vision Surgical Centre strives to offer exceptional patient care. Working closely with your eye care professional contributes to our dedication in meeting your eye health needs.

A growing list of practices/doctors we actively collaborate with is shown below:

In Nova Scotia:

Atlantic Eye Centre  – Dr. Charles Lu
Bedford Eye Care Centre  – Dr. Toby Mandelman, Dr. Avila Cox, Dr. Erin Sheppard, Dr. Erin McLeod, Dr. Susan Matthews and Dr. Amanda Boudreau.
Burns Vision Centre  – Dr. Barry Burns and Dr. Jillian Weir
ClearView Optometry Clinic – Dr. Tim Maillet
CM Optical – Dr. Robbi Seale
Cole Harbour Optometry – Dr. Amy Manchanda, Dr. Karla Grimm and Dr. Ashley Taweel
Dr. Jolene DeCoste Family Eyecare – Dr. Jolene DeCoste
Elmsdale Vision Centre – Dr. Andrew Webber, Dr. Mark Chute, Dr. Andrea Hawkins, Dr. Angela Saywood, Dr. Ryan Smith and Dr. Emma Norris
Family Vision Clinic – Dr. Miriam Debly, Dr. Michael Oulahen, Dr. Marni Denman, Dr. Jody Killoran, Dr. Rhett MacDonald, Dr. Jenna Snow, Dr. Sarah Farrag, Dr. Stephanie Blackmore, and Dr. Jesse Debly
FYI Doctors Halifax – Dr. Alphonse Carew, Dr. Paula Gaudet, Dr. Deb Currie, Dr. Michael Baird, Dr. Jacquelyn Smith, Dr. Allison Scott, Dr. Sarah McAllister and Dr. Sarah Thompson
FYI Doctors Truro –  Dr. Henry Smit, Dr. Heather MacDougall, Dr. Erica Nielsen, Dr. Jason Bussey, and Dr. Ashley Taweel
FYI Doctors Berwick – Dr. Sheldon Pothier, Dr. Katherine McKee, and Dr. Leah Gallie
Insight Optometry – Dr. David Dobbelsteyn, Dr. Carl Davis, Dr. Paul Gray, Dr. Jeff Sangster, Dr. Leanne Roach, Dr. Laura McMullin, Dr. Rachael Noah and Dr. Kelsey Bonang
Island EyeCare Optometry – Dr. Shaun MacInnis
Lang Optometry – Dr. Gaetan Lang and Dr. Christopher Poh
Miller Optometry – Dr. Euan McGinty and Dr. John Wilson
New Glasgow Vision Clinic – Dr. John McLeod, Dr. Ray Wagg and Dr. Charlotte Potter
Ocean Optometry – Dr. Euan McGinty and Dr. John Wilson
Reid Optometry – Dr. Melanie Reid, Dr. Nathan Reid and Dr. Travis Robertson
South Shore Eye Care – Dr. Pamela Malik, Dr. Andre Lavandier and Dr. Sarah Dickinson
Windsor Vision Centre – Dr. Andrew Webber, Dr. Mark Chute, Dr. Angela Saywood, Dr. Ryan Smith and Dr. Emma Norris

In Prince Edward Island:

Belvedere Vision Clinic– Dr. Lester Jinks, Dr. Kristine Giddings, and Dr. Adam Drake
Dr’s Hickey, Burke & Associates – Dr. Joe Hickey, Dr. Mark Burke, Dr. Carolyn Acorn, and Dr. Claire Shaw
Island Optical – Dr. Joe Hickey, Dr. Mark Burke and Dr. Claire Shaw
Family Vision Centre – Dr. Jayne Toombs, Dr. Janalee Canfield, Dr. Catherine Arsenault and Dr. Rhod MacCorquodale
Charlottetown Vision Care – Dr. Susan Judson, Dr. Bonnie Gallant, and Dr. Jeff Harding
Summerside Vision Care – Dr. Catherine Arsenault, Dr. Bonnie Gallant, Dr. Jeff Harding and Dr. Mary Horsfield

In New Brunswick:

Elmwood Optometry Clinic– Dr. George Caissie